Champion Truck Lines

Brandon Foster Freight

Brandon Foster started Champion Truck Line and is well known in the areas they serve as one of the top trucking companies available. This company not only provides the timely and safe delivery of goods by trucks but also employs a team of experts that have over 50 years of experience between them in the transportation and trucking industry.

Mr. Foster only employees specialist who are devoted to the industry of transportation and truck driving. His driver’s all meat, and most far exceed the client’s requirements and the entire team works together to provide the best value for their clients and customers. Because  Mr. Foster is a businessman he understands that many of his drivers would like to be in business for themselves and this company gives them an opportunity to do so.

Drivers are able to start off with this company as a company driver and when they’re ready they can then lease their own truck through a special lease purchase program that allows them to pay as they go. For many of the drivers, there would be no way for them to be able to purchase or qualify to buy their own truck without this special leasing program. This gives each of these owner-operators the unique opportunity of getting a truck with the leasing program that makes it affordable and getting their loads through the very company from which they lease their truck.

Brandon Foster Freight is a company that can be depended on. It is a company that cares about their customers, their drivers, and their community. For many years, this company has been providing the best transportation and logistics services in their territory. Whether you are a customer who needs something delivered, or a driver looking for a place to call home, Brandon Foster Freight is who you should call.

Join Champion Truck Lines And Be A Champion

The aim of Champion Truck Lines is to serve the trucking and freight customers. Though, more than that, Brandon Foster, the founder and president and CEO of  Champion Truck Lines aims to also help out his fellow truckers. The idea is to give them the chance to own their own truck and to take ownership of their own business.

Trucking has become even more competitive in recent years, between insurance, interstate and statewide trucking regulations, as well as fuel costs. That does not even take into account the costs of owning a truck and maintaining it. Together it can be not only overwhelming for the individual trucker, but, frankly, out of reach.

What Champion Truck Lines Does For Truckers

It’s a great opportunity to have the chance to make weekly nominal payments on the truck itself, and have nearly everything outside of gas covered by the company. It’s a no brainer for anyone who is considering driving for any other companies.

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with picking up and driving for other clients. You will be your own business owner, after all. Though, once you deal with the best trucking and freight services management that’s right in Tulsa, Oklahoma, it will be hard to deal with any other companies.

It will appear to be a lot more expensive to work for any of the other companies, well, because it just plain is more expensive. They will need you to pay for everything that a driver needs to cover.

Working for Champion Truck Lines is like getting an investment in yourself while you are also pulling in a pay check. It honestly is worth it to look into working for them. You can work from almost any location, as they need drivers nationwide who are willing and able to take on driving different routes and hauling different loads here and there. So, give them a call and open up your future.