Join Champion Truck Lines And Be A Champion

The aim of Champion Truck Lines is to serve the trucking and freight customers. Though, more than that, Brandon Foster, the founder and president and CEO of  Champion Truck Lines aims to also help out his fellow truckers. The idea is to give them the chance to own their own truck and to take ownership of their own business.

Trucking has become even more competitive in recent years, between insurance, interstate and statewide trucking regulations, as well as fuel costs. That does not even take into account the costs of owning a truck and maintaining it. Together it can be not only overwhelming any longer for the individual trucker, but, frankly, out of reach.

What Champion Truck Lines Does For Truckers
It’s a great opportunity to have the chance to make weekly nominal payments on the truck itself, and have nearly everything outside of gas covered by the company. It’s a no brainer for anyone who is considering driving for any other companies.

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with picking up and driving for other clients. You will be your own business owner, after all. Though, once you deal with the best trucking and freight services management that’s right in Tulsa, Oklahoma, it will be hard to deal with any other companies.

It will appear to be a lot more expensive to work for any of the other companies, well, because it just plain is more expensive. They will need you to pay for everything that a driver needs to cover.

It’s important to take heed that when you go online and read the reviews, there will be a sizable number of negative comments. It’s all about the people who may be bitter because something is not going their way. It has little to nothing to do with the actual company itself, or its culture.

Most people who get along while working with Champion Truck Lines are able to enjoy a fairly good work-life balance, and appreciate the rapport that they have built with the dispatchers.

What Is The Negative Word?
Those who are talking badly about the company have been doing so for what seems like years now. First they were nitpicking about not getting called back the first time they reached out to call Champion Truck Lines. It’s 2017, there are many ways to get in touch with people. Hopefully you are more tenacious than them and you reach out more than once.

Make sure that when you do call you are calling the correct number, and perhaps not calling during the busiest hours of the day. This will help ensure that they have the time to give to you to properly answer your questions. Be sure to be polite and ask things such as, “Do you have time to talk?” and “Is there a best time to call?”

Manners go a long way whether you are the owner of a company all your own or just starting out. It also makes it more likely people will be willing to assist you as well.

From there be sure to take into consideration what the truckers are saying. Some act like it is not possible to have a great program where they get to be owner of their own truck and business. It is a lease to own situation, where you definitively end up owning your very own truck by making weekly installment payments to Champion Truck Lines.

It will pay off in the long run, because you will always have your own truck. It is like getting an investment in yourself while you are also pulling in a pay check. It honestly is worth it to look into working for them. You can work from almost any location, as they need drivers nationwide who are willing and able to take on driving different routes and hauling different loads here and there.

So, give them a call. Be polite, and open up your future. You deserve better than to end up like the negative nellies online who simply bitch and moan and do nothing to further their stalled trucking careers. Keep on truckin’! And, keep on moving in the right direction for your benefit.

About Brandon Foster Champion Trucking

There’s much buzz about Champion Trucking online. It seems the company is in Tulsa, Oklahoma. There’s not much more about the company than that Brandon Foster is associated with the company. Even the year the company was established is in the air. Some who have spoken directly to Mr. Foster say he’s been in trucking at least since 1999, while others say he contends it’s 2004.

Herein the aim is to find out the truth. According to Brandon Foster’s own LinkedIn page, an official record, he is the Founder, President and Owner of two businesses:
Champion Truck Lines, and Foster Auto Supercenter.

The earlier businesses’ focus is on giving individual trucker’s a chance to own their driving experience. The Champion Trucking model is, officially, intended to provide individual truckers with the the opportunity to improve their career and their lives. He does this by providing opportunities through both his Champion Truck Lines company and even through the Foster Auto Super Center.

According To Individual Truckers
Some truckers have commented that they can not get in touch with Mr. Foster. Some have claimed that they simply gave up because no one responded to their calls. It seems that even if they tried the super center, they probably would have heard someone answer the phone. After all, it is a store.

Even if you hired an errand service to stop by and talk to them for you, if you are not local, it would seem better than giving up after one unanswered phone call. Beyond that, some truckers claim that they were offered tremendous opportunities through Brandon Foster and his Champion Trucking Lines business.

Here’s even more information that is readily available, straight from the company itself. Brandon Foster formed Champion Truck Lines to perform a complete range of both trucking and freight services. His team of professionals that manage the company are the ultimate professionals in the business. Together these professionals have  a collective 50 years’ trucking experience in freight and trucking industries.

The idea with Champion Trucking is to put his prior experience to use for the trucking industry. The company is formed with the main focal point to serve the needs of customers to their satisfaction. At the same time, it is also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for individual truckers to become their own operators and owners.

If you are a trucker, you know that especially in this day and age, it is even less and less of a likelihood that you will be able to become your own operator and owner. The government fees itself to operate a truck have become astronomical.

It is written write here that Brandon Foster and his management team offer up the opportunity of a lifetime to take the reins of your career to become an owner and operator. Please do not listen to the negative Nellies out there. Maybe they could not make it on their own.

Ignore the negative people. Instead, embrace this great chance to further your life. Even more so, Brandon Foster encourages truckers to own their own truck through his Lease Purchase Program. It gives you two opportunities at one time. You get to take ownership of your own truck and your very own business.

Foster knows from his own first-hand experience that the truckers themselves who drive the trucks make the business. They make the goods get delivered. No one else does that. They are invaluable and need to be treated well. He gives you the keys to your own truck. You work for  Champion Truck Lines while improving your career with better opportunities.

If this concept and business model do not work for you, then it’s fine. Just go work for a trucking company like you have been doing. Keep getting squeezed more and more as the trucking industry gets squeezed tighter and tighter.

Or, take the smart route, and contact Brandon Foster’s professional management team for more information on how you can get started on the road to owning your very own truck while entering the highway to your own business. There are more than 70 drivers who have taken him up on this offer. They are glad that they did. They work for themselves. If others are complaining about Champion Trucker, they are actually, therefore, complaining about only themselves.

Brandon Foster is a Family Man, a Business Man and an Enterpreneur

Brandon Foster is a professional that is known not only as a businessman, but also a family man and an individual interested in helping underprivileged children.  He has made a name for himself not only in the Oklahoma area but nationally and internationally.

Foster, born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and raised in Claremore, attending Claremore Christian School.  Not only was he a good student, but he was also active in track, basketball, and the 4H program.

But being a good student and an athlete wasn’t enough for Brandon.  He was the kind of student who knew what he wanted in life, not just for the present but also for the future. It was a characteristic that few American boys his age had.  He was encouraged by his hardworking grandfather who told him, “Work hard, and work just as smart as you work hard.”

So how did the business brain of Brandon get started at such a young age?  While he was a boy, his mother stayed home working as a hair stylist.  Brandon took an interest in the cars of his mother’s clients and asked his mother’s clients if he could clean their cars to make them bright and shiny why they got their hair cut.  They were happy to oblige.  Brandon worked hard to do a good job with his interest in detailing cars.

From there, at 14, Brandon took a job at Hollister Monument Company from 4:00 p.m to 11:00 p.m. This, in addition to basketball practice in the morning, followed by school during the day. His job at Hollister was to wash tombstones and load them onto trucks. After the 14-year-old was done with his job, he would walk two miles to get home.  The only time he didn’t show up for work was when he was granted the time off to attend his games.  Brandon was a faithful worker who, even at 14, knew what it meant to be dependable and responsible.

His business goals and aspirations didn’t stop at 14; he cultivated his dreams right on into high school.  Inspired by the detail jobs he did for his mom’s customers, Branded opened a detail shop of his own, detailing for car dealerships.  While other teens his age were busy with the typical things that teens do, Brandon was different.  So determined was Brandon to work hard and prosper, even in high school, he would stay until 3 or 4 in the morning, making sure that his business was run properly and effectively. At an early age, Brandon learned what it took to succeed as an entrepreneur, and a business owner and his efforts paid off.

Today, Brandon is not only an owner of multiple businesses including auto dealerships, trucking and hauling companies and wholesale companies, among others, but he also is married to his wife Ashleigh, and they have three children, a family life he knew he would always have.

Many men who take pride in their families do so because they were raised in Christian households.  Brandon knew early on that not only did he want to become a successful business person, but he also wanted his life to be well-rounded with a good family around him.

When he’s not running his many businesses, Brandon enjoys spending time with his family at his lake house or watching his kids participate in sports, such as basketball and cheerleading.  His children are as active and hardworking as he is.

Ashleigh and Brandon know they are living the American dream, and now that they have it, as Christians, they work to give back to the community.  Through their love of children, they focus on giving back to underprivileged children.

Brandon Foster achieves giving back through his philanthropy efforts that work to nurture children and help them to feel safe.  Just like with his passion for succeeding in business and just like with his passion for creating the home life of his dreams, the Brandon Foster’s philanthropy thrives in helping underprivileged youths feel safe in this world.  In so doing, Brandon has partnered to give hundreds of thousands of dollars to meaningful charities and organizations and businesses that are devoted to children and their well-being.

The Different Pros And Cons Of Being A Trucker For Brandon Foster Trucking Services

When an individual thinks of truck driving, it is rare that there are many pros associated with the occupation.  This employment is often considered a difficult job requiring someone with strength and the ability to stay awake for hours.  While there are several cons to the job, there are also various pros associated with truck driving including it being extremely satisfying.  This article will provide information on the advantages and disadvantages of being a trucker for Brandon Foster trucking services.

What Are The Advantages To Being A Truck Driver?

1.  Changing Scenery

As a truck driver for Brandon Foster trucking services, you will have the opportunity to explore various areas of the United States.  This means that you will be exposed to constantly changing scenery as you visit different places in the country that you may not have seen if you had an office job.  Mobile occupations, such as being a trucker, can be far more rewarding regarding changing environments and are beneficial for people who enjoy being “out and about”.

2.  High Salaries

Contrary to popular belief, experienced truck drivers are very well compensated for their tasks.  The majority of goods in the United States are delivered by trucking companies; therefore, truckers will be required to transport items long distance and receive compensation for the hours worked.  In fact, local truck drivers may earn more than financial advisors or legal aides without having to earn the same qualifications.

3.  Benefits And Perks

The majority of trucking companies, including Brandon Foster trucking services, will offer their employees a plethora of benefits including medical coverage, high speed wireless, health insurance, travel accommodation discounts and marriage counseling facilities.  The marriage counseling facilities is a perk not typically seen in other industries, but useful among truckers as the hours spent working can negatively influence a person’s romantic relationships or family life.

4.  Many Different Opportunities

There are typically many different opportunities available when it comes to truck driving positions.  At the moment, the truck driver position is facing a shortage and there is room for growth in the industry.  If you are a new driver, you will need experience before progressing in a company; however, the shortage has increased the chances of experienced truck drivers being promoted and receiving higher salaries.

What Are The Disadvantages To Be A Truck Driver?

1.  Spending Many Hours On The Road

When choosing to become a truck driver, it is important to remember that you will spend many hours on the road and will miss important family occasions.  The company may assign you with cross-country tasks and you will be required to travel for days, which not only causes an absence in your family life but also physical effects.  You will be required to sit for hours holding onto a steering wheel and staring at a road.  It is vital that you are prepared for this both physically and psychologically.

2.  No Companions

Unlike individuals who work in an office, the majority of the time you will not have any co-workers or companions to speak to.  This means you will be alone for days and must be comfortable communicating with others on the telephone as this is the only way you will remain in touch with others.

3.  The Job Can Become Repetitive

Many truck drivers find that the assignments become repetitive, particularly if you are assigned to local tasks.  While there is the benefit of seeing a changing scenery, when driving the same route it can become dull and make the hours longer than they already area.  Many drivers do not mind providing local services, but others find the position becomes dull and can easily compare it to the office job they attempted to avoid.

4.  Poor Truck Driver Health

Needless to say, living on the road can be difficult for any individual and truck drivers will bear the brunt of the mobile life.  It is common for truckers to gain weight and many of these individuals can be classified as obese.  Furthermore, statistics indicate that truck drivers have poor sleeping patterns and most are sleep deprived.  When taking a job as a truck driver, it is vital to remember that the long hours will influence diet and sleep.

Why You Should Work With Brandon Foster Frac Sand

If you have a company that is fracking, you will need to have a steady supplier of frac sand. This is a type of sand that is extremely durable, consisting of high purity quartz sand. The reason that this is used for fracking is that it allows them to use this sand to blast into the ground in order to make the holes that they need to release the natural gas. The solution that they send down will consist of not just the sand, but also water in certain chemicals. It is sent down at high pressures, and in many of the places that have this type of facility, frac sand must be brought in every day. A company by the name of Foster Frac LLC is one of the best. It is an oil and gas frac sand hauling company. Although they are out of Aledo Texas, they will deliver to many of the places in Oklahoma where these operations are running right now. Here are some of the reasons that you should consider working with this company that has a great reputation online.

About Foster Frac LLC

This was started by an individual called Brandon Foster Tulsa who is also well-known for founding Champion Truck Lines. Realizing a need to provide this type of sand for those that had fracking operations, and already having a fleet of trucks, we found it easy to coordinate this type of operation. What was necessary is that they had to find a large amount of sand that could be used for this purpose and once that was acquired, it was a matter of simply getting the contracts and making the deliveries. That’s exactly what he has done, and because of the lack of sand in this industry, he became one of the leaders by providing sand on a regular basis.

Why Should You Work For This Company?

There are several reasons why people decide to work with this company. First of all, it allows drivers to do something different. They can become either a proprietor or or operator. Essentially, it allows them to lease a truck, and in doing so, begin to develop this trade. They will automatically have the ability to load the sand, make deliveries, and it will be as if they are in business for themselves. Although this company is relatively new, as is the fracking industry, it looks like a long-term career choice for those that like to drive truck.

Reasons To Use This Company For Frac Sand

The main reason that you should consider working with this company is because Brandon does have a very stellar reputation with the other businesses that he owns. In addition to this, there have been many rave reviews about the services that he is providing for those that need to have the Frak sand delivered. Being prompt, and keeping your promises about deliveries, is something that goes a long way. That’s exactly what you can expect if you start to work with Foster Frac LLC.

How Can You Contact This Company?

By going to their website, you can find the contact information that you will need to do one of two things. First of all, if you would like to find employment with this company, they can tell you how to get started. Second, if you would like to become a client, you need to give them information about where your fracking operation is, how much sand you will need, and how many deliveries you would expect on a weekly basis. Since they have an ample supply of the sand ready to go, it’s just a matter of signing a contract with them and starting to deliveries so that you can have guaranteed amounts of frac sand for your fracking operations.

This basic overview of Foster Frac LLC should show you why many people choose this company. It is a reliable business, one that is going to provide you with regular deliveries. In addition to this, if you are looking for work and you drive truck, there is no better place to be. Give them a call today and find out how you can become either a client, or how you can start making deliveries in this industry.

The Different Pros And Cons Of Buying A Car From Brandon Foster Car Dealerships

Traditionally, an individual would purchase a car from a private seller; however, nowadays there is the option of a car dealership to provide an individual with a new vehicle.  While each has benefits, both methods also present with several horror stories from previous buyers talking about bad experiences.  To make a decision about which option to use, it is important to take several considerations into account.  This article will provide a list of the different pros and cons to using car dealerships and help you make that final decision regarding a car purchase.

What Are The Advantages To Using A Car Dealership?

1.  Reviews And Testimonials

Arguably one of the greatest benefits to purchasing a car from a car dealership is the reviews available on the dealership official websites.  Before making a purchase, it is important to research the dealership and determine whether or not the company offers a high-quality customer service.  Fortunately, this is made easy by reading reviews and testimonials completed by previous customers on the dealership’s official website.  The positive or negative reviews will quickly indicate which dealers are reputable and which are not.

It should be noted that some dealers place fraudulent reviews on their websites and this can misrepresent the company.  To avoid misrepresentation, it is advised that you read testimonials on third-party review sites and social media forums.

2.  Haggling Opportunities

A car dealer is interested in profitability and will want to make a speedy, profitable sale.  In previous years, the dealer would spend time discussing vehicles and sales with their client, and while this was a sign of personalized service, it did not allow for haggling.  Nowadays, if you are strong enough to negotiate it is possible to settle on a price that is thousands less than the original price.

3.  Warrantees

One of the most important benefits to using a car dealership is the warrantees available on all vehicles.  It is unlikely that a dealer will sell a vehicle without a warranty of some sort regardless of the length of the warranty.  It is unlikely that you receive warrantees from private seller as they do not have the financial backing to assist in any ‘break-down cases’.

4.  Trade Ins

The trade in option is a great perk when using car dealerships and involves trading a current car in as a down payment for a new vehicle.  This is beneficial because it saves time attempting to sell the current car and will reduce the price of the new vehicle.

What Are The Disadvantages To Using A Car Dealership?

1.  A Mark-Up Price

The first con of purchasing a vehicle from car dealerships is that there is typically a large mark-up on all sales prices.  This is due to dealerships needing to pay rental expenses, wages, and having numerous cars entering and exiting the dealership each day.  This is a disadvantage because the mark-up on a vehicle price will always be larger than the price of a private sale.

2.  The Trade In Price

Despite the trade in being a positive aspect of using dealerships, it can also be considered a disadvantage.  A trade in can be detrimental when purchasing a car from a dealer because the dealer may attempt to purchase your current car for less than its actual monetary worth.  To ensure you receive the full value of your current vehicle, it is recommended that you have a valuation completed beforehand and know the market price of the car before using it as a trade in.

3.  Dealership Finance

The majority of dealerships will request that you use their financial provider when completing a transaction.  While this can seem convenient, it is not necessarily the best alternative as the loan obtained may not present with the most suitable interest rate.  In many cases, the loan approved is merely one that pays the dealer a commission without providing the buyer with the best rate.  The most beneficial means to avoid any problems with dealership finance is with a pre-approved loan with a third-party finance provider before shopping for the car.

Final Words On The Matter

As can be seen, purchasing a car from a car dealership can be more beneficial than using a private seller.  The pros and cons can help point out whether or not you find this best for your particular vehicle purchasing needs.

Finding The Right Brandon Foster Cars For Sale

Brandon Foster cars for sale are good to learn more about. That way, you don’t have to worry too much about what you’re getting because you will know you made the right choice. To get started, all you need to do is continue on.

When you are looking for a car do you need to make sure that you bring someone with you that knows a little something about cars. That way, you can have them look over the vehicle for you and see if there are any problems. When you are test driving a car, if you are good at knowing what is wrong with vehicles then you need to pay close attention to what is going on with a. Never buy a car without testing it out or at least having it be turned on in front of you.

When you are going to buy a car prices are another thing that you have to be careful about. If you are not sure what you should have to pay, then you should just ask to take a second look at the car a little later. That way, you can go home and get on the internet and look up what you should be paying. You should never just buy a car outright without doing your research because that’s a sure way to get ripped off. Even though this car company is a good one and Brandon Foster has really nice deals, you should still be careful just in case.

If you are going to get a car that you know has problems, make sure that you ask if there is any way you can get a little bit of money off the top of the price. You never know, they may be able to give you a better deal than before because you know that there is an issue. They may not have even known about the issue until you tested out the car because they probably don’t test drive everything extensively before they sell it. Either way, you should see about getting a deal even if you don’t notice anything wrong because negotiations can always get money off of the price.

If you’re not very good at negotiating prices, then you may want to take someone with you that is. What you want to do is go with the price that is a little lower than you are willing to pay, and then have the seller come back with a price that is a little bit higher. Eventually, you will come to a standstill where you both agree on a price. This is a lot better than just paying the price outright that they have on the car. Most people that sell cars want to give you a better deal than what they have the price at.

If you can get some kind of warranty on the car that may be helpful if you’re not sure about whether or not it’s in good shape. Of course, if they are not going to offer a warranty then you may have to find someone that will fix the car after you buy it. Figure out what is going to cost the least for you to do because you want to make sure that you are not wasting a lot of money if you don’t have to.

Think about the color of car that you want and the make and model. Then, look it up on the internet before you head out to the car place so that you know if there is anything there that you would like. One thing you can do is you can contact them and see if they have any cars that are within your price range so you can write them down and make a list of them. Then, you can start looking through them in person after you know what they look like on the internet because you looked them up.

After you find the right Brandon Foster cars for sale, you will know it. They will be in your best interest to be careful about buying. That is because you don’t have to worry after making a purchase that you made the wrong choice on what to get for yourself.

Brandon Foster Freight And The Trucking Industry

It’s quite common for many people to complain about all the big trucks that are on the highways and other roads but most people don’t stop to think about how they get all the goods that they buy every day. Whether it’s going to the convenience store for a quick snack, or to fill up the gas tank, or to the shopping mall to buy clothes or appliances, all of those things had to be delivered from other places.

If someone is wanting to build a home or to do a simple deck on the back of it, they will need building materials for those projects. All the materials are first gathered from natural resources and then the logs and other material are first cut and then delivered to mills and plants to be made into the various products. Foods are, of course, first growing on the farm and then those things are shipped to other companies that prepare them for Supermarket shelves, convenience stores and Mom and Pop shops.


The drivers of these big trucks are often called truckers. Many of them see their job as not just something that they do but a part of a lifestyle that they choose to live. They are like Cowboys from the old west only instead of riding a horse they drive their big truck. The men and women that drive these trucks take their job seriously and they understand that they need to be professional at all times.

It’s not at all uncommon that a truck could be pulling 40,000 lbs of product in their trailer. At that amount of weight if anything were to go wrong it could be tragic for others on the road. For that reason, most truckers try to develop the best skills possible for the safety of their cargo, themselves, and the others that are on the road with them.

How The Trucking Industry Helps America

From the earliest days of the trucking industry, it has served to help the American economy in several key ways. Before there were big trucks most cargo was delivered by train. But the train can’t go to all the different stores and other locations that the goods need to be delivered to. Once the trucking industry was established this problem was resolved. Truck drivers and trucking companies we’re taxed which helped to build the American highway system that the entire country now enjoys.

Brandon Foster Freight

Brandon Foster started Champion Truck Line and is well known in the areas they serve as one of the top trucking companies available. This company not only provides the timely and safe delivery of goods by trucks but also employees a team of experts that have over 50 years of experience between them in the transportation and trucking industry.

Mr. Foster only employees specialist who are devoted to the industry of transportation and truck driving. His driver’s all meat, and most far exceed the client’s requirements and the entire team works together to provide the best value for their clients and customers. Because  Mr. Foster is a businessman he understands that many of his drivers would like to be in business for themselves and this company gives them an opportunity to do so.

Drivers are able to start off with this company as a company driver and when they’re ready they can then lease their own truck through a special lease purchase program that allows them to pay as they go. For many of the drivers, there would be no way for them to be able to purchase or qualify to buy their own truck without this special leasing program. This gives each of these owner-operators the unique opportunity of getting a truck with the leasing program that makes it affordable and getting their loads through the very company from which they lease their truck.

Brandon Foster Freight is a company that can be depended on. It is a company that cares about their customers, their drivers, and their community. For many years, this company has been providing the best transportation and logistics services in their territory. Whether you are a customer who needs something delivered, or a driver looking for a place to call home, Brandon Foster Freight is who you should call.